Women Helping Women and Serving Humanity

Mamysh Inc., a 501 C 3 Non Profit Organization, was born out of the founders' desire to help women who are suffering from mental, physical or emotional abuse. 

Every 9 seconds a woman is battered in the U.S. and 90% of women report their children were present when battered.

Do you have any of the following  situations in your life? 

You might feel afraid of your partner much of the time, avoid topics out of fear, feel you can't do anything right, believe you deserve to be hurt or mistreated, wonder if you’re the one who is crazy, feel emotionally numb or helpless.

Your Abuser may have a bad and unpredictable temper, hurts or threatens to hurt or kill you, threatens to take your children away, threatens suicide if you leave, may force you to have sex, destroys your belongings, displays jealous and possessive behavior, controls where you go and what you do, keeps you from friends and family, limits access to phone, money or car, constantly checks up on you.

Emotional abuse can sometimes be even more damaging than physical abuse. The scars are real and run very deep. You may feel that there is no way out and that you would have nothing without the abuser.

Whether you are dealing with scars from the past or find yourself needing help in your current situation you can contact us. You don’t have to go through it alone!

We will provide emotional support, counseling, training and resources to help you break free of your situation and do the Extraordinary Things You Were Born To Do!

Emotionally Healthy Women do Extraordinary Things

(MAMYSH) Mujeres Ayudando Mujeres Y Sirviendo a la Humanidad