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                                              THE MIRACLE WORKER

The title “Miracle Worker” was given to William Gibson's play depicting the story of Helen Keller. Indeed Helen Keller was a miracle worker. She had to overcome great obstacles just to learn to communicate, then to read and write; things “normal people” take for granted.

Did God work those miracles in her life or did Helen Keller work those miracles in her life?

I talk to people every day. They tell me their story. At some point of their personal story almost everyone has something to say about what they want. It goes something like this, “If God wants me to have this, I will have it.” Or, “If God wants me to heal, I will heal.” “If God allows it I will be, do, or have such and such.” When I ask them, “What are you doing to make that happen?” Very often they tell me, “There’s nothing I can do.” There is always something we can do starting from where we are doing what we can with what we have. Before God parted the Red Sea for the children of Israel, Moses had to first put his staff in the water.

When I work together with people, many discover there is something they can do. If we work together long enough we can devise a plan to help them start doing something right away to get closer to their object of desire. That same plan quite often sees them through to bring their miracle to complete fruition.

Is that a miracle? Of course it is! Some miracles are small, some are big. The miracle is just as big or small as our capacity to dream, wish, and believe.

Would you like to work a miracle in your life? Here are six steps that will take you through the process of working a miracle.

Step one: Decide on the miracle you want. Again, it could be small or it could be big. Start with these questions: If there were no obstacles like, money, age, gender, time, skill, knowledge, etc. and you have all the elements necessary to make any change you want in your life, what changes would you make? What would your ideal life look like? What would you be, do, or have to be completely happy.

Step two: Write it down with as much detail as you can add to it. Describe it as if you were already seeing that miracle in your life. What would you be doing different? How would your life be different? Describe it!

Step three: Test the miracle. Is it something that will be a true miracle when it happens?

There must be a “yes” answer to the following questions: Does it align with my values (Is it something that will not make you feel guilty later on)?  Do I need help from a higher source to work this miracle? In other words, it shouldn't be something common that you can do without any planning like walking to the store or doing the dishes.

Will it make you a better person? And, will it benefit others?

Step four: If you answered no to any of the questions in step three, adjust your dream so that you can answer “yes” to all four questions.

Step five: Visualize your miracle using your five senses. Picture yourself having already attained what you're asking for. What does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What does it feel like? And what does it sound like? When you are visualizing your miracle, you may want to put on some soft music, and light a scented candle. This will help you with the sound and smell.

Step six: Act out your Miracle! Do the things you would be doing if you already had your miracle. If you can't physically do it, act it out in your mind. The point is to take action, move forward and believe God will do for you what you can’t do.

Our minds are like a recorder.  It does not question input whether good or bad.  Take full advantage of this and feed it good positive ideas, dreams, words of encouragement and success stories.

Going back to the question...Did God work the miracles in Helen Keller's life or did Helen Keller work the miracles in her life? The answer is, yes to both questions!

We saw that one of the tests of our miracle is whether or not it requires the help of a higher power. For those of us who believe in a higher power, we know that everything that is, exists because of God. But God set certain laws in place that once we learn how they work, we can take advantage of those laws to make our lives better. If we didn't understand the law of aerodynamics, for example, we wouldn't be able to fly.

There are spiritual laws that once we understand them they allow us to do miraculous things. But it is all because God has perfect control of everything.

Let's put into practice these six simple steps which obey God's spiritual laws and let's start working miracles!

~ By Teo Martinez



It is a wondrous thing to witness the miracles of God. Unfortunately we can't always see the miracle.

A preacher once told me that 99.99% of the time miracles happen in a natural way. What he meant by that is that although we may see a spectacular change of health or circumstances in a person, most often we see a gradual change, so gradual that we may miss the miracle.

In order to receive a miracle, the person asking for the miracle has to be in a state of expectation. When you expect the miracle and the miracle arrives, you don't see it as a miracle because you were expecting it. Let me illustrate by sharing a personal story.

Two years ago in August I broke my foot swinging on a rope into a river. I landed a little short of the water and I broke my foot. The ambulance took me to the emergency room and a doctor performed surgery on my foot. After the surgery, my foot never recovered. The subtalar cartilage degenerated and disappeared.

There are some unproven experimental procedures to regenerate the cartilage but when all was said and done the doctors said that there was no sure cure for my condition. Their best recommendation was to fuse the bones thus eliminating the side to side mobility of my foot. I decided against that process and chose instead to take my chances with the pain. Through visualization, meditation, and affirmations as well as making an agreement with my foot, I am now able to run. Since it has taken over two years for my “miracle” to arrive, my tendency is to say, “Well, it's about time!” If I take that view, I will never see my miracle.

Another reason why you may not see a miracle is because it doesn't happen in the way you expected.

Let me share another story with you to illustrate how this could happen.

When I was twenty years old I joined the military. Even though I was raised in California and I requested an assignment in the southwest, the military government gave me an assignment in northern Michigan.

I was out of my element.

I was sad. I was lonely.

I needed help.

Some Christian co-workers invited me to church and I liked “the Christian experience.”

I went to church every Sunday.

One day when I got out of church I discovered I had locked my keys in the car. I asked for help and a few of the “brothers” gathered around the car, “laid hands” on it and we began to pray.

I prayed as hard as I had ever prayed and I expected the lock to “pop” open.

It didn't happen.

Everyone went their separate ways and I was left there, sulking, moping, and brooding. Then, I don't know if it was five minutes or twenty minutes later, somebody suggested I call the police. “They might be able to help,” they said. I borrowed the church's phone and I called the police. They sent a patrol car and the officer unlocked my car and asked me for the proper documentation. That should have been the end of that ordeal and I should have been very thankful. Instead, for years I was angry and resentful towards God because He didn't work a miracle in my life. The truth is, God DID work a miracle in my life. I just didn't see it.

Albert Einstein once said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 

If we live our lives as if everything is a miracle, our minds and our hearts will be full of gratefulness; and that gratefulness will make us more generous; and that generosity will be returned back to us because that is the way the law of sowing and reaping works. The more we have the more we attribute to the miracles of God. the more we become grateful, the more we become generous; the more we receive, the more we see it as a miracle; the more we are grateful, the more we become generous, the more we receive, and on, and on, and on. We put into play spiritual laws that help us live a full and abundant life.

Earl Nightingale said: “We tiptoe through life, hoping to make it safely through to death.”

If we live like nothing is a miracle, that's exactly what we're doing. We are living an uneventful and unfulfilled life.

I want to encourage stepping out in faith, dreaming a big dream and going out into the world and leaving a giant footprint on the sands of time. Start by seeing each day as a miracle in your life. That's what I intend to do. Let's not miss the miracle.

                                                                                    ~ By Teo Martinez

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